Mag Blend

Expert’s Choice Mag Blend

$7.75 per bag | $410.00 per pallet

Uniform, Free Flowing Formula With A Touch Of Green

Small uniform granules allow for even applications. Mag Blend includes an organic anti-caking compound. Never deal with clogged spreaders again. Green colored granules also provide a significantly greater source of spread control and less product waste. Green color is water based and will not stain.

Melting Properties

Granules are coated with liquid Magnesium Chloride. This proprietary process delivers 3 times the melting performance of other brands at temperatures below 10°F. In fact, Mag Blend’s unique blend of melting agents will melt ice to -12°F.

Safer on Concrete and Vegetation

Mag Blend works quickly and more effectively than plain rock salt. It will also not harm your lawn and plants when used according to directions. Unlike other ice melters, Mag Blend will not leave a slippery residue on carpets or floors.

Available in a 50 pound bags and pallets (56 bags), picked up in Berea.
View product MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).